Tacoma Front Bumper

You Can Easily Replace Your Tacoma Front Bumper

Like most Tacoma owners, I’m sure you’re not happy with the condition of your front bumper. You see it every time you drive your Tacoma and know that it is time to replace it.

Replacing a front Toyota truck bumper can seem like a daunting task, but luckily they are actually easier to change than you would think.

Tacoma Front Bumpers

A Blog About How Often Is Best to Change the Bumper

How often is best to change the bumper? In order to get high-quality installing service, during all seasons of the year, Toyota owners know they can rely on their local dealership.

However, a lot of people change the appearance of their vehicle and add chrome accents, which means you need to take extra care when changing bumpers or other parts.

Search for the Car’s Year, Make, Model and Style on the Internet

Perhaps the most exciting experience when buying a used car is to spend time online, searching and investigating the vehicle of your choice if you are able to obtain the details.

Below are several ways on where to search for your vehicle by year, make, model and style.

Remove the Front Grill From the Front of the Tacoma

If you’re looking to replace the bumper on your 2006 Tacoma, the good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think. Each year, Toyota adds a few new things to their pickups and this is certainly true with the Tacoma.

Of course, there are a few things that are consistent year after year as well. The first thing you’ll want to do when removing your front grill is to remove the hood latch cover and bolts.

Remove the Bolts Securing Your Bumper to the Frame

On the front bumper there are a total of 14 bolts. They’re all 18mm bolts or shorter. You’ll need to remove all of these in order to separate the bumper from the frame.

You should have your socket and ratchet or wrench ready for this job, as well as a basic idea of how your truck’s body works. I’ll go into greater detail on each bolt below:

Remove the Bolts Holding the Fender Flares On

To remove the front bumper, you will need to remove the bolts holding the fender flares onto the rest of the truck. There are a total of 12 bolts that need to be removed before you can take off the front bumper.

You will need a set of torques and sockets in order to complete this step.  Start off by removing fasteners unti you have all 12 removed.

Prepare Your Workspace and Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Your workspace will determine the amount of time and effort you put in to your project. If you\’re working on a tight budget then a small garage will do, but for those who have the space a large basement will be ideal.

Just make sure that when you start putting up sheetrock, cutting wood, and hanging doors that you have the right tools.

ToyotaTacoma in  Workspace

Do You Want to Get Rid of a Cracked Bumper?

Are you a 2006 toyota tacoma owner who wants to get rid of your cracked front bumper? If so, we might have a solution for you. Bumper Depot USA has a replacement designed just for you.

Our affordable and quality 2006 toyota tacoma bumper is made of high impact resistant ABS plastic. Since they are all new replacements, they can also be painted to any color desired.

Do You Want a Stronger Front Bumper?

That 2006 Toyota Tacoma front bumper is no match for any decent sized pothole, crack in the road, or other obstacle you encounter. With a weak and flimsy front bumper, you risk your headlights and grille taking damage from certain impacts.

One option is to install a heavy duty winch bumper, but if space isn’t an issue then we recommend this custom 2006 Tacoma front bull bar for a much simpler solution.

Have You Ever Done Auto Body Repairs Before Like This?

I have to admit, I’ve never done auto body repairs before like this. In fact, I’d never seen anyone do auto body repairs until my neighbor asked if I could help him out with a new project he was undertaking.

Not only did he want me to give him some advice on how to do it, he asked me to be his assistant throughout the entire process.

Do You Need Help Replacing 2006 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper?

When you’re looking at replacing a bumper of your 2006 Toyota Tacoma, you want to know whether the front bumper, rear bumper, or both are the culprits.

While it may sound easy to tackle, these repairs can be quite involved. Learning how to replace front bumper will save you time and money in the long-run.

Do You Need to Fix a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper?

Do you need to replace a 2006 Toyota Tacoma front bumper? If so, this information can be very helpful. I recently purchased a used 2006 Toyota Tacoma. The truck was in great condition with 124,000 miles on it.

2006 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper

However, the previous owner had hit something on the road and put a massive dent into the front of the truck. Thinking that it could be an easy fix, I decided to visit a local body shop to find out how much it would cost me to have the work done.


Now your 2006 Toyota Tacoma bumper will look good as new and it’s ready for the trail ahead. The job may seem difficult, but follow our how to article carefully and you can get the job done just fine.

These step by step instructions are easy to follow and in no time at all you will be ready for your next trip around town or even on the trails for some off-roading fun.

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