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Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Protector

The 1999 Toyota Tacoma is a popular small pickup truck that has a reputation as a reliable, sturdy, and economical. While this truck is still very useful, it\’s starting to show some wear and tear.

A great way to bring your Tacoma back to life is with this 1999 Tacoma Front Bumper Protector.

Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper

An Introduction to the Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper

The Toyota Tacoma front bumper has a long history and has been around since the nineties. The front of this truck is the first thing to take hits from the sides of other vehicles.

Many times, damage on the front can be very expensive if not impossible to repair.

Advantages of Investing in a Front Bumper Protector

You likely know that investing in a front bumper protector for your 1999 Toyota TACOMA will protect it from a variety of difficult situations.

But you might not know the full extent of what this little piece of metal can do. Here are some great reasons to buy one:

Get Quality Front Bumpers for Half the Price

With limited budget but high standards, I needed a bumper that looked great and wasn’t going to break the bank. Quality bumpers aren\’t cheap, but there are some quality front bumpers on the market for half the price.

A couple of hours of research left me frustrated and discouraged, until I stumbled across a video by a guy called \”Mobile Mom\”.

Protect the Front of You Truck With a Bumper Protector

Bumper protectors are a great way to protect the front of the truck. I have been using one for the past three years and I love it.

They help to protect my bumper from getting hit when I back into something.

Toyota tacoma front With a Bumper Protector

Purchasing Options for an Aftermarket Tacoma Truck Bumper Guard

There are many reasons why you would want to purchase an aftermarket Tacoma truck bumper guard. Your Tacoma may have been in an unfortunate accident that has left it with a damaged front bumper.

You may also want to upgrade the front end of your rig due to rust, which can make the aftermath of a collision much worse.

How to Install Your New Front Bumper Protector

Once you get your new Front Bumper Protector, it’s time to install it! It’s pretty easy, but we still have a few notes we want to make sure that you know before installing the Front Bumper Protector.

As always, if you run into any trouble feel free to contact us

Does Your Truck Take a Lickin’ and Keep On Tickin’?

Does your truck take a lickin and keep on tickin? If you’re like most truck owners, you say everything is fine, but if it’s up to me that won’t be the case.

This guide will help you improve the overall durability of your truck.

Have You Ever Run Into an Object While You Were Driving?

Have you ever run into an object while you were driving? If you said yes, then continue reading. If not, then this article probably won’t help you.

Bumper damage happens to everyone. Even stupid people who drive like they are on a racetrack sometimes get bumper damage. It is normal and it is something you can fix yourself.

Do You Have a Truck That Has a Soft Front Bumper?

Before we get started, I just want to point out that we are only talking about the softer front bumpers here. If you have a truck with a harder or fiberglass front bumper, you can skip this article and move on to something else.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started with the question at hand: does your 1999 Toyota Tacoma front bumper look like this?

Are You Tired of Denting Your Truck’s Front Bumper?

Hitting rocks is a part of life. For me, at least, it\’s a daily thing. I\’m sure you know what I\’m talking about. That big rock rises out of nowhere. You swerve to miss it.

You don\’t quite get enough room to avoid it. Who\’oooosh! There goes your truck\’s front bumper. (That\’s the sedate version.) Are you tired of denting your truck\’s front bumper?

Do You Want to Protect Your Truck’s Front Bumper?

Drive your truck with no worries of accidents and scrapes. No matter how confident you are in your driving abilities, it is impossible to avoid accidents and scrapes.

The front bumper is the first line of protection for your truck, but it doesn’t offer enough protection when you get in an accident.

Protect Your Truck’s Front Bumper


The perfect fit for your Tacoma’s front bumper, the Bumper Protector is made of flexible and dent resistant materials that can take the brunt of a hit.

The installation is quick and easy, allowing you to protect your front bumper while you go off and do whatever it is that you do in your Tacoma.

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