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Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Replacement Guide

Need a Toyota Tacoma front bumper replacement? The front bumper of your truck is often a victim of parking lot fender-benders or just day to day driving. A damaged bumper can be unsightly and take away from the overall look of your vehicle.

Fortunately, replacing a Tacoma front bumper is a relatively inexpensive repair. Here\’s how to get it done!

Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Replace

A Blog About the Tacoma Front Bumpers With Pros and Cons for Each Style.

The Tacoma bumpers are the best selling front bumper in the industry. The factory 2005-2009 Toyota Tacoma single cab steel front bumper looks great and if properly installed, can last a long time without needing any maintenance.

The factory 2010-2017 Taco front bumper is not that same design like its previous years, but still very functional and doesn’t look too bad here in this comparison.

Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Removal Steps

If you\’ve landed on this page, it means you\’re planning to replace your 2000 Toyota Tacoma front bumper. It\’s a wise decision and we\’re happy to help. The OEM part is made of versatile plastic and it can be treated as disposable for the most part.

Of course purchasing an aftermarket replacement is always an option, but in this case, the best choice would be to go for another original one.

Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Installation

The 2000 Toyota Tacoma is the first year of the second generation of the Toyota Tacoma. The 2000 Model was basically redesigned with a stronger body style, all new interiors, and it\’s also one of the strongest year models as far as engine life is concerned.

There are plenty of different parts which can be obtained for the 2000 Toyota Tacoma and installing them is done by using basic hand tools.

Preparing the New Tacoma Front Bumper

So, you’re planning on installing a Tacoma front bumper, huh? Well, that’s good. It’s important to know how to prepare the new Tacoma front bumper to ensure a stress-free installation.

Here are some tips you can use during the preparation stage of this project.

New Tacoma Front Bumper

Things You Will Need to Remove the Front Bumper

When you’re replacing the front bumper on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, you’ll find that there are quite a few tools and accessories that are needed to take the front bumper off.

But before we look at each individual step and the things you will need to get, here’s a brief outline of what needs to be done.

How to Replace Faded Lights

Having dull lights on your car isn’t good for anyone, especially you. It makes you look like the coolest person in the room when you pull up and suddenly there’s a spotlight above your head.

I didn’t say this was necessarily a good thing, but it certainly looks that way – or at least better than having some outdated lights on your car.

Do You Want to Replace Your Damaged Tacoma’s Bumper?

If your car bumper was damaged and you plan to replace it, then you need to know that there is no such thing as fast and cheap. There are several Tacoma\’s front bumpers available for 2000 Toyota Tacoma, but most of them are expensive and take a long time for delivery.

However, one company offers not only fast product delivery, but also the affordable price option.

Are You Looking for a New Vehicle but Aren’t Sure How to Find Replacement Parts?

Here at Vip Auto Body Parts, we know that nothing is more frustrating than ordering replacement parts for your vehicle and ending up with the wrong part.

Just like you, we are passionate about vehicles, too, and we will do our very best to help you choose the right parts to repair your ride.

Are You Looking for a Guide to Replace the Front Bumper of Your 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

Are you looking for a guide to replace the front bumper of your 2000 Toyota Tacoma? If you are, you’re not alone! I was in your shoes once.

In the past, I spent over 6 hours trying to find the right guide to help me find and replace my Toyota Tacoma front bumper.

Are You Worried About the Cost of a New Truck?

Are you worried about the cost of a new truck? You’re not alone. There are thousands of vehicle owners who worry about the cost of having their vehicles towed and repaired.

Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Repairs.

This has led me to creating my own list of go-to 2000 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper Repairs.

Do You Want a Tacoma Front Bumper Replacement?

If you want a Tacoma front bumper replacement, then you’ve found the right place. Surratt Fab is the world’s premier supplier of bumpers and components for your Toyota Tacoma. They make the highest quality aftermarket parts for your vehicle.

You can have them shipped directly to your home or business, or visit their shop to pick out the perfect bumper yourself.


Installing your new replacement 2000 Toyota Tacoma front bumper with the help of a friend is actually easier than this guide may lead you to believe. The whole process will take less than an hour to complete.

Read through the steps once before starting and you’ll have it done in no time at all.

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